Sauna Solution Belt

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Sauna Solution Belt in Bangladesh

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Sweat away undesirable fat, wipe out cellulite, get thinner and straightforwardness muscle torment, all while sitting in the solace of your own home. The Sauna Solution Belt centers the sauna warm around the most dangerous body parts to enable flush to out and take out poisons. This compact sauna is extraordinary for the guts, abdomen, back and hips. Simply apply the Sauna Solution belt around the picked body part and let the belt do practically everything. It will remain immovably set up with the protected connection. In the wake of utilizing the sauna belt, your digestion will be upgraded and the pounds will simply soften away. With customization temperature

Sauna Solution : Sauna arrangement is the warmth treatment belt that offers numerous advantages from the conventional warmth sauna. One extraordinary preferred standpoint of Sauna Solution is that the sauna warmth can center around a particular piece of the body. This sauna belt is incredible for the stomach area, abdomen, back, hips and thighs. It can likewise be utilized for relieving strong hurts and solidness.

Qualities and Functions

Outfitted with far infrared beam warm generator that can enter 4cm to 7 cm profound into body tissues that makes you sweat in a flash.

Made of perspiration confirmation material, no perspiration harm amid use.

High vitality, you can appreciate an agreeable back rub without change.

Outfitted with auto-temperature control framework to check use time and to avoid consumes.

Extraordinary treatment enables adequate surplus fat to disintegrate effectively.


Supply:AC220-240v(250v)/50HZ or 110V/50HZ

You will get:

1 Sauna Belt

1 Instruction Manual

1 Tape Measure


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