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Quick Overview

  1. Improves Natural Immune System : Prevents Infectious Diseases
  2. Enhances Oxygen assimilation by the Body and the ‘Regular Healing Ability’
  3. Saves and Improves Terminal Patients ( eg. Malignancy ) by adjusting all organ capacities.
  4. Reduces Body torments: Strengthens Muscles: Good mitigating specialist.
  5. Reduces ‘Sharpness’: Balances ‘Hormones’: Regulates ‘Bio-Chemistry’.
  6. Reduces Digestive issue, Constipation, IBS and GI tract issues.
  7. Reduces ‘Heftiness’ and Flab: Builds solid vigorous muscles.
  8. Excellent Co-dynamic treatment for ‘Terminal’ ailments like Cancer, Cardiac and Kidney issues.
  9. Reduces issues of Gynaec and Obs.; Menstrual issues.
  10. Keeps Energetic for the duration of the day: Reduces Fatigue and CFS.
  11. Improves Memory and Concentration ( Natural Brain Tonic)
  12. Beautifies Skin: Youthfulness kept up. Lights up the Facial skin and muscles.
  13. Helps fix: Dental/Gum issues; Bad breath; Oral Ulcers.
  14. Improves ‘Sexual Potency’ and execution.



What is Ganocelium?

Ganocelium is the mycelium of ganoderma lucidum. It supplies an entire range of nutrients and minerals supplement to our body. It fills in as :

  1. Brain tonic
  2. Oxygen provider
  3. Basis for body development

Substance of GL

  1. Polysaccharides
  2. Organic germanium
  3. A entire range of nutrients
  4. A entire range of minerals

Substance of polysaccharide and natural germanium in ganocelium are four time more than that of ganoderma

Quality of GL

  1. Brain tonic
  2. Enhance body obstruction
  3. Cleanse poisons in the body
  4. Provide nutrients and minerals supply
  5. Strengthens gastric and kidney capacities

Cerebrum tonic

The cerebrum framework is the body’s fundamental nerve framework. Oxygen empowers the nerves to work. The abnormal state of natural germanium in ganocelium encourages the mind to work all the more successfully on the grounds that it supplies satisfactory oxygen to the cerebrum. At the point when provided with an ideal dimension of oxygen, the mind will turn out to be very much created. Thusly, it is firmly suggested for kids’ mind development and improvement.

Nerve adjustment

Veins and nerve issue prompt hearing issue. Poor visual perception or kidney issue. Ganocelium helps in the nerve adjustment.

Elements of polysaccharides

  1. Help in counteracting development of irregular cells and controlling their spread
  2. Helps balance out and reinforce body obstruction framework
  3. Helps lessen sugar level in blood and restore pancreas work
  4. Helps forestall cell tissues obliteration
  5. Helps release water solvent poisons

Elements of natural germanium

  1. Helps increment oxygen supply to bood framework
  2. Helps resuscitate cell tissues by expanding oxygen supply to body organ
  3. Helps soothe fatique
  4. Helps rinse blood
  5. Helps fortify blood course
  6. Helps increment body’s digestion rate
  7. Helps balance out circulatory strain
  8. Helps balance out electric capacity in the body
  9. Helps dispense with electric vitality around strange cells and transform unusual cells into ordinary cells.
  10. Help patients to recoup from stroke
  11. Helps counteract deadness of hands and legs
  12. Helps dispense with water solvent poisons

Extra Information

Ganocelium can retain natural germanium and minerals quicker than ganoderma.

As indicated by a report from japan, ganocelium contains 6,000 sections for every million (ppm) natural germanium though ganoderma just has 800 to 2,000 ppm of natural germanium.

A test led in a remote nation demonstrates that ganocelium has better impact in controlling the development of irregular cells.

Reishi Gano and Ganocelium as a nourishment supplement

  1. Always begin with a couple of RG and GL every day
  2. Add another combine for the next week as recommended in the Ganotherapy area
  3. If the response is incredible, decrease to one container of just Rg or GL every day
  4. Generally for upkeep, an admission of 1 or 2 sets of RG and GL every day is adequate
  5. As a general principle, If the response is overwhelming decrease the admission considerably
  6. Gano ought to be taken day by day to accomplish consistent empowering impact
  7. Best gone up against a vacant stomach. Notwithstanding, gastric and stomach ulcer patients are encouraged to ake after feast.


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