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Quick Overview

  1. Removes Toxins from the whole Body. Fortifies Natural Immune System
  2. Prevents and Protects from Viral Infections.
  3. Cuts Bad-Cholesterol: Reduces Free Fat.
  4. Reduces ‘Heftiness’: Prevents ‘Heart Problems’.
  5. Reduces Acidity; Improves Digestion; Prevents Ulcer.
  6. Improves Blood course: Reduces ‘Body Pains’ and Improves Energy.
  7. Excellent ‘Hostile to Oxidant’: Delays Aging. Aides in Cancer.
  8. Reduces issues of Gynaec and Obs.; Menstrual/Menopausal issues.
  9. Enhances Hair-development: Protects Nails and Teeth.
  10. Improves Fertility for Men and also Women.


Spirulina Tablets

Spirulina is a sort of blue green growth which is brimming with nurturing supplements, for example, protein, beta carotene, chlorophyll, cancer prevention agents, minerals and other imperative supplements that our body needs. It is otherwise called a standout amongst other antacid sustenance, which changes feeble acidic body condition to a sound soluble one.

Medical advantages of Spirulina

Spirulina works from numerous points of view to adjust and fortify our wellbeing. Its rich exhibit of supplements gives a solid establishment so we are less powerless against attacking microbes and infections.

It supplies fundamental minerals that might miss from regular sustenances developed in exhausted soils. Spirulina develops in water containing ionic follow minerals that are retained and chelated by the living being, making a colloidal frame effortlessly consumed by our bodies. The prime mandate of our bodies is to help our invulnerable framework. At the point when our resistant framework is focused on it draws down metabolic vitality. Individuals with invulnerable framework lopsided characteristics may feel endless weariness and low vitality. Spirulina can encourage balance and balance out the insusceptible framework, opening up metabolic vitality for essentialness, mending and osmosis of supplements.

Its polysaccharides upgrade cell correspondence forms and the capacity to peruse and fix DNA. Individuals taking Spirulina for the most part feel enormously invigorated. Spirulina likewise animates the resistant framework by improving the generation of antibodies and cytokines. Affected by Spirulina, macrophages, T and B cells, are enacted. Spirulina sulfolipids have been demonstrated powerful against HIV, herpes infection, cytomegalovirus, and flu infection. Spirulina adds to the development and conservation of the occupant intestinal microflora, particularly lactic corrosive bacilli and bifidobacteria, and to a diminished dimension of Candida albicans.

Spirulina and the safe framework

A few ongoing investigations have exhibited the safe improving and malignant growth deterrent properties of Spirulina. The February, 2008 Food and Chemical Toxicity diary reports an examination researching the antimutagenic impacts of Spirulina on rodent qualities.

Loss of hereditary trustworthiness was incredibly lessened in the Spirulina sustained gatherings, and semen quality was moved forward. Universal Immunopharmacology, reports analysts finding that a polysaccharide part called Immulina, from Spirulina, improved resistant reaction in mice through upgraded creation of IgA, interleukin-6, and interferon-gamma. The 2005 Current Pharmacological Biotechnology diary reports an examination finding that Spirulina expands insusceptibility through expanded phagocytic movement of macrophages, invigorates generation of antibodies and cytokines, builds aggregation of NK cells into tissue, and initiates and assembles T and B cells.

Carcinogenesis was repressed because of the cancer prevention agent properties that secure and diminish poisonous quality of the liver, kidney and testicles. Biochemical Biophysical Research Community Journal, 2003, reports a finding that phycocyanin, one of the major biliproteins of Spirulina with cancer prevention agent and searching properties, represses aggravation and development of crazy cells through Cox-2 restraint, bringing about apoptosis of those phones.

Spirulina’s expanded cell reinforcement insurance lessens malignant growth dangers

The free extreme particles produced by contamination, terrible eating routine decisions, stress and damage harm the cells of our bodies. Cell reinforcement supplements battle these free radicals and animate our insusceptible framework to make preparations for malignancy and different sicknesses. They additionally regulate the maturing procedure. Spirulina contains an abundance of cancer prevention agent nutrients C and E, and beta carotene, and the cell reinforcement minerals selenium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron and chromium. Research has indicated Spirulina to shield nutrient C from intensity misfortune.

The Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety Journal, April, 2008 reports an investigation finding that Spirulina assumes a job in lessening the harmful impact of cadmium, through its cell reinforcement properties that appear to intervene a defensive impact. The April, 2008 Phytotherapy Research finds that Spirulina arrangements were helpful for diminishing oxidative pressure and the age of free radicals over the span of provocative procedures. Nourishment Chemical Toxicology, December, 2007, reports an examination finding that Spirulina gives insurance against mercuric chloride instigated oxidative pressure.

Spirulina improves the cardiovascular framework Scientists around the globe have been affirming Spirulina cholesterol bringing advantages and its capacity down to bring down circulatory strain.

Concentrates with men in Japan and India demonstrated that few grams of Spirulina day by day can diminish serum LDL and raise HDL.

Human investigations in Germany and India found a weight decrease impact alongside cholesterol decrease. A recent report from Lipids Health Digest reports an examination including 36 human subjects ingesting 4.5 grams of Spirulina day by day for about a month and a half.

With no different adjustments in their weight control plans or ways of life amid the term of the examination, a hypolipidemic impact was appeared. Triacylglycerols and LDL cholesterol fixations were straightforwardly brought down.

Add up to cholesterol and HDL cholesterol were in a roundabout way brought down. Lessened systolic and diastolic pulse was additionally revealed.

Spirulina enhances stomach related and gastrointestinal wellbeing

Adding Spirulina to your eating regimen results in relatively quick change in normality and disposal. Research has affirmed that Spirulina advances gut and assimilation work. It stifles microbes like e-coli, and animates valuable verdure which is an establishment of good wellbeing. Sound greenery increment assimilation of supplements from the nourishments we eat, and secure against contamination. Concentrates with malnourished kids in Mexico, India, Rwanda and Zaire have demonstrated Spirulina to be advantageous when digestive organs can’t retain supplements viably. Spirulina has been appeared to profit AIDS patients in whom malabsorption related with entrepreneurial contaminations is dangerous.

Purifying and detoxifying with Spirulina

Analysts in Japan have found Spirulina to essentially diminish kidney lethality caused by overwhelming metals including mercury, and pharmaceutical medications.

Different analysts found that rodents expending Spirulina wiped out the perilous compound dioxin. In l994, a Russian patent was granted for Spirulina as a therapeutic sustenance to decrease unfavorably susceptible responses from radiation infection.

A recent report from European Archives of Otorhinolaryngology found that Spirulina utilization altogether enhanced the side effects and physical discoveries of patients with hypersensitive rhinitis contrasted with a fake treatment, including nasal release, wheezing, nasal blockage and tingling. Specialists additionally presumed that Spirulina is clinically viable on hypersensitive rhinitis when contrasted with fake treatment.

Extra sources:

Balch, Phyllis A. also, James F., Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Avery, 2002. Spirulina Health Library “Spirulina” by Ray Sahelian M.D. General Analysis 100% Spirulina Protein 55 – 72 % Carbohydrates 15 – 25 % Fats (Lipids) 06 – 08 % Minerals (Ash) 07 – 13 % Color Dark blue-green VITAMINS Vitamin An (as 100% β – Carotene) 4000 IU Vitamin K 16 mcg Thiamine HCl (Vit. B-1) 0.004mg Riboflavin (Vit. B-2) 0.08 mg Niacin (Vit, B-3) 0.43 mg Vitamin B-6 (Pyridox.HCl) 0.02 mg Vitamin B-12 2.8 mcg MINERALS Calcium 13 mg Iron 1.7 mg Phosphorus 30 mg Iodine 1.2 mcg Magnesium 9 mg Zinc 0.04 mg Selenium 0.6 mcg Copper 10 mcg Manganese 0.09 mg Chromium 2.8 mcg Potassium 49 mg Sodium 25 mg PHYTONUTRIENTS Phycocyanin 420 mg Chlorophyll 30 mg Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) 35 mg Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) 15930 IU Total Carotenoids 8 mg β-Carotene 2.4 mg Zeaxanthin 2.0 mg Other Carotenoids 3.6 mg


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