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Here in Bangladesh we’re confronting various difficulties in consuming, in arranging your ultimate urge to the highest level according to the quality and warranty in your expected time. Market never stays in a specific point, its always moving forward. Now its time for a change.. Yes we are on a move towards global race of online door to door service to our valued and potential clients as a committed partnership between the citizens and us at all, gradually we’re rightwaybarzar.com team, building a vivid refreshed environment to meet the customers most expected demands in a row. In fact, we have diversified patterns of physical and service oriented products to satisfy, to satiate our clients each regular demands full to the brim. Let’s join with our further visionary venture and take a tour. Specifically for Bangladeshi consumers we’ve set a goal with a corporate website and a gallery. We, the rightwaybazar.com team always standing before you to protect your human right, consumer right, citizen right etc.. Dear valued consumers let’s join with us by appetizing all of our professional supports.

Our Mission

From February 14, 2016 we’ve commissioned our long lasted venture of rightwaybazar.com, to satiate active consumers’ utmost logical demands we have a committed mission to succeed by providing classic services that is apparently impossible. We’re searching, we’re improving, we’re practicing each moment in attaining both of ours common goal as global service locally..

Our Vision

Yes we’re to set outlets to the solid rock locations as districts, thana, upozila gradually by 2018; rightwaybazar.com has its own commitment to face the raising needs of our highly growing and valued consumers in abroad also like middle east, south east, Europe etc..