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E Cigarette EVOD


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eGO Electronic Cigarette, is one of the best, if not

eGO Electronic Cigarette, is one of the best, if not the best, Mid Sized Battery Electric Cigarette models produced. eGO are well known to produce clouds of vapor, has excellent flavor, and a great like-smoke throat hit! eJuice is fed either through a eVod Clearomizer. Manual batteries offer a lot of advantages as far as getting the throat hit that you want. The manual battery has no cutoff time. It works until the switch is released! Great for beginners, used and loved by many! It is a perfect combination of the most beautiful eGo battery and the most popular Kanger eVod Clearomizer. A fully charged eGo 900mAh battery can work at 4.2v and last 1200 puffs at most. When the battery power decreases, the battery output voltage will decrease. The battery will stop working at 3.0v. Each battery comes with overcharging protection. The eGo battery's button has a 5-click On/Off lock. Please press the button 5 clicks within 2 seconds and activate the battery. The passthrough can keep working nonstop at 4.1-4.2v while being connected with computer via a 1200mm Stretchable USB cable. You can use the passthrough like a battery, or disconnect usb and vape like a regular battery.   Single Kit Includes: eGo 900 mAh battery 1pc Kanger eVod Clearomizer 1pc USB Passthru charger 1pc Carrying case 1pc   Double Pack Includes: eGo 900 mAh battery silver color 1pc eGo 900 mAh battery black color 1pc Kanger eVod Clearomizer silver color 1pc Kanger eVod Clearomizer black color 1pc USB Passthru charger 2pc Carrying case 1pc