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E Cigarette CE4


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New Technology of Eliq-Carts with Big E-Liquid Capacity and Vapor

New Technology of Eliq-Carts with Big E-Liquid Capacity and Vapor This is the new E-Cig generation of CE4 with new technology of electronic cigarette cartomizer and Eliq-Cart. We have recently improved the Eliq-Cart and there is no leakage problem any more. It is rated the best electronic cigarette of the world. Q: What is Eliq-Cart? A: Eliq-Cart is a new generation of the electronic cigarette cartomizer which contains only E-Liquid inside without any sponge material. Eliq-Cart is a boiling permanent cartomizers. You will not need to change the cartomizer any more by just refilling the e-liquid inside. It is safer to smoke without burning of the sponge material. There is no burning smell any more. It contains much more E-Liquid and get much more effective smoke quantity with the new technology of cartomizer. Electronic Cigarette CE4 Express Kit Package includes: ONE Batteries with 1000MAH ONE Eliq-Carts with mouthpieces (transparent Atomizer with big e-liquid capacity) ONE USB charging cable ONE Needle bottle A blister card packaging Electronic Cigarette CE4 Express Kit Characteristics: Battery capacity: 1000 mAh Full Battery capacity: about 1000 puffs Battery lifespan: 650-1300 times Full charging time: 2-3 hours Normal working voltage: 3.3-4.2V Diameter: 13mm Length: 128-134 mm Cartomizer capacity: 1.6ml Trouble-free, easy to maintain,No leakage at all This Eliq-Cart can be compatible with all the eGo and CE4 models, including EGO-T, EGO-W, EGO-C,CE4,CE5 models. To use this powerful Eliq-Cart, you can have or order any of the following models:Electronic Cigarette EGO-C,  Electronic Cigarette EGO-T, Electronic CigaretteEGO-W,  Electronic Cigarette CE4 or Electronic Cigarette Deluxe CE4. CE4 Atomizer includes mouthpieces,Eliq-Cart, and transparent tube. It is easy to assemble or disassemble them. It is quite easy clean the Atomizer and make it effective working without trouble for much longer time Refill the Eliq-Cart with E-Liquid Unthread the top cap of the Atomizer Fill the E-Cartomizer with an E-liquid of your choice using a needle bottle or a syringe. remove the top cap, drop E-Liquid inside the tube wall(not in the middle hole). Tip: Fill in your Eliq-Cart with 80% of E-liquid only to avoid over filling or plugs. Screw down carefully and make sure it is rightfully threaded in the body of Atomizer Navigate The Power Button: Connect the Atomizer to the battery by threading both ends. Switch on and off the battery by pressing the small power button 5 times within 3 seconds.  (It is a technology of the battery to prevent accidental discharge of battery when not in use and to protect the product in general) Press the small power button when inhaling and notice a light while performance the action.